Unit 1

Artist Statement

I capture fragments of life experiences in my art process and product.  The layers and sequences of daily life are recorded, staged, reflected and critiqued.  


Issues around stress and social relations drive my creative practice, articulating experiences that are both individual and communal.  

Some stress is external and creating seemingly impossible problems that are hard to bear. For example, studies, work, poverty, age, and so on.  I see these as suppressing people in making them feel depressed.  However, sometimes pushing against such stresses makes people's lives better – as ‘the icing on the cake’ even. I am concerned with how certain individuals are particularly vulnerable to stressful situations. They may feel defeated by stress to the point of mental breakdown.


Another aspect of this involves relationships, love, affection or friendship. Some people are not good at dealing with these relationships. Childishness, rebellion, loneliness, and lack of ditches are often prerequisites for failure. Failing relationships can also cause stress, and this feeling seems to be contained in stress. In my work, I use different forms and materials to record or reflect this. I sometimes express this as the collision of two objects, such as when pressure and the human heart collide. The kind of collision is close to an explosion and bears pressure.


Around these two topics, I studied human psychiatry. My work combines my personal experience and reflects my record of life and criticism of status in society. I would like that my work will awaken people's attention to stress and raise people's attention to psychological harm in daily life.

Project Proposal

Research question

In our daily lives, people will be under increasing pressure, such as unemployment, family and love. Some people can overcome these stresses, others may be defeated by stress, such as mental breakdown or high tension. People have different understandings of stress, so what does stress mean to us?


Aims & Objectives

The main goal of the project is to explore the symbolic form of stress in people's minds and then awaken people's attention to stress. my goal is:

  1. Awaken people's attention to stress, and make people pay attention to the psychological damage of stress to daily life.

  2. Use geometric structure to reveal the hazard relationship of pressure.

  3. With the theme of pressure, how to use installation art to better convey space ideas.

  4. As the investigation progresses, the project may expand other forms of work. These works can be used as separate works of art, but they are all stress-themed.


Project-related content

Like most people, I experience all kinds of stress in my daily life. In most cases, this kind of pressure is basically not generated by ourselves, but by others. Under this pressure, each country has a different way to describe the word stress. I want to express the symbolic meaning of stress in the form of geometry. In this project, I want to express the pressure by placing the geometry in a space where people feel the pressure. According to the meaning of the shape of the geometry, different hardness materials are used to compare and reflect the description.


Research and material requirements

  1. Exploring the relationship between the placement of geometric bodies such as stable pyramids and explosive spheres and the presentation of visual pressure.

  2. Explore plasticity of chicken wire with different densities.

  3. Explore the production process of the chicken wire sculpture.

  4. Study how to make a wooden skeleton to maintain the stability of the chicken wire.



  1. Before I start all the work, I will first make a micro triangular pyramid according to the following steps, and explore the use of materials so that the project can proceed smoothly.

  2. Use SketchUp to build a device model to get a feasible device size.

  3. I will start by making wooden skeletons and use six wooden sticks to maintain the stability of the object.

  4. Cover the wooden skeleton with black acrylic paint.

  5. Wrap the wood skeleton with chicken wire.

  6. Spray the chicken with black spray paint.

  7. Hang the triangular pyramid on the wall in different ways.

  8. Inflate the red yoga ball.

  9. Insert one corner of the triangular pyramid into the red yoga ball, so that the yoga ball is close to the shape that is about to explode.



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