Stress 1
Installation Art

The black chicken wire mesh is intertwined with each other, it is woven into a sharp triangular pyramid, it symbolizes the stress of the outside world, this stress confuses people's thoughts, all the restlessness gathers in a corner, this restlessness With messy thoughts become very sharp. The red ball symbolizes the human heart. It has tolerated the heavy and sharp external stress to the greatest extent and is on the verge of an explosion.

Stress 2

Stress 2


Installation Art


Black triangular pyramids came out of the corner. It symbolizes human thought. The woven black chicken silkscreen is like the crisscrossed brain nerves of human beings, and it also symbolizes the chaotic thoughts dominated by stress. This confusion finally broke the limit and broke the imprisonment.


At the beginning of the project, I used Procreat to draw the draft project. At first, the sphere was placed inside a triangular pyramid, and I wanted to show the imprisonment of human thought.


After drawing a few drafts, I changed my mind about putting the sphere inside a triangular pyramid, because my work wanted to emphasize stress, and I didn't think the previous draft was enough to express stress. Inserting the triangular pyramid into the sphere makes the sphere close to the exploded state more conducive to expressing stress.


When I decided to cut the wood, I encountered difficulties. Without the support of the data, I did not know the angle of each cut, which prevented me from performing the next steps.


So I used SketchUp software to calculate the data of the model.

Because of the previous error without data support, I used SketchUp software to create the final version of the project model. This can preview the final situation of the project and avoid problems that may occur during the production process.


Final effect simulation animation:


After the modelling phase was over, I started the formal work of making a triangular pyramid of wooden structures.


After the pyramid production technique, I started to colour the skeleton with black.

The next step is to weave the chicken wire.


At this stage, I had another problem. This is the model of chicken wire. This is the first time I use chicken wire mesh. The chicken wire mesh model I bought is relatively large, which shows that the gap of this chicken wire mesh is large, which is not conducive to shaping, and more importantly, it has caused a large density on the surface of the work. This led me to increase the workload to add the number of overlays for chicken wire mesh. In the process of weaving, I also discovered the technique of making density. This makes my work to have different density variations.

Finally, I painted the chicken wire mesh with black spray paint.

Other perspectives of the project:

Stress 1:


Stress 2:

Stress 2
Stress 2
Stress 2

Detail image: