Stress Caused By Virus 1
Stress Caused By Virus 1 detail
Stress Caused By Virus 1
Installation Art

This work looks like a tunnel, and the way to watch this work is that two people stand on both sides of the tunnel and stare at each other. What I want to express is that, during the popular period, due to cultural differences, this kind of mask put a lot of stress on people. This tunnel is like the space we live in. We are connected by many things and live in the same world. This piece is to tell you that when I wear a mask, I will also protect each other.

Stress Caused By Virus 2
Stress Caused By Virus 2 detail
Stress Caused By Virus 2
Mixed media

Isolation due to coronavirus has become longer and longer, and I can only talk to myself in the mirror every day. This loneliness caused by isolation makes my thinking more and more chaotic, and I use entangled black lines to express this chaotic emotion. Whenever you look at the chaotic self in front of the mirror, it seems that you are imprisoned by this seemingly caged chaotic thought, and isolation is more like captivity to yourself.

Stress Caused By Virus 3: Breather

Before boarding the plane, I started wearing protective clothing, goggles and masks. Until I went to the remote hotel in my hometown, the whole process lasted more than thirty hours. I did not drink water or eat during these 30 hours. From the moment I put on my protective clothing, I felt safe and isolated. At that time, I was sweating all the time and had difficulty breathing. This feeling prevented me from breathing. I was looking forward to the moment when I took off my mask to breathe. Breathing sound is my unique memory in flight, it is a physiological direct response to stress. What I want to express is that I hope that the stress caused by this epidemic will be eliminated as soon as possible, and all people living on this planet can breathe freely and have a good life.


Process Of Thinking Space 

In the global background where coronaviruses are rampant, masks have become a hot topic because of cultural differences between the East and the West. Masks are a tool for people to protect themselves, and at the same time they have caused social panic in European and American countries, and even some racial elements attacked people wearing masks. I tried to use the mask element to express the stress caused by the coronavirus.

The Process Of Stress Caused By Virus 1

In the initial stage of the project, I used Procreate software to draw a sketch. After comparing the effects of several sketches, I chose a cuboid. Since I used wood materials skillfully in Unit 1, I chose to continue to use wood materials.

After drawing the sketch, I started to make a wooden cuboid structure according to the sketch data and then painted it with black acrylic paint.

After the wooden structure was completed, I fixed six black masks inside the wooden structure and then wrapped the wooden cuboid with red wool. After completing the above steps, I found that this colour scheme is somewhat similar to the colour scheme of the Chinese New Year, which is completely different from the depression I want to express.

I chose to use black spray to change the colour of the wool. After the experiment, the coverage of the paint on the wool was weak. The black was sprayed unevenly on the wool, creating a red in black and black in red. This effectively changed the work from a traditional Chinese festive atmosphere to a depressing atmosphere.

In the production process, due to the type and size of the wood, the wood is easily deformed. I originally wanted to use a steel structure to replace the wood, but because of the coronavirus epidemic, I cannot start working again. I hope the epidemic will end soon, and I will try more materials in the next unit.

Detail image:

The Process Of Stress Caused By Virus 2

Due to the impact of the epidemic, our course was changed to an online course, and I isolated myself in the student dormitory. I tried to combine the photos I used to combine with the stress caused by the epidemic to create paintings.

I also tried to use simple geometric shapes to express the stress caused by the virus and tried to use geometric shapes to summarize the relationship between masks and human psychological activities.

Due to the impact of the epidemic, I returned to China and conducted quarantine observations as required by the Chinese government. Due to limited materials and venues, I plan to use existing items for artistic creation. I also chose the material mirror because I was bored and the idea that I had in front of the mirror for a long time was in isolation.

After the quarantine was over, I returned home and purchased the masks, mirrors, markers, and hot-melt glue needed for the work on Alibaba. First, I glued the mask and the mirror together with hot melt adhesive and then used a marker to draw on the mirror and the mask.

I also encountered some difficulties in the production process, because of isolation and venue, I had to change and reselect the materials. In addition, due to the smooth surface of the mirror, it is difficult to stick the mask with ordinary glue. After discussing with my classmates, I chose to try more materials. After experimenting with several kinds of glue, I decided to use hot melt glue.

The Process Of Stress Caused By Virus 3

The location of this video is Shanghai Pudong Airport. I am here to enter China and wait for my next flight for more than 10 hours. I looked at the crowd and then remembered the hardship of going back to China this time. I decided to take this video. This video has only one location.

I used PR software to edit the video. The entire video recorded my thoughts on the plane and in the waiting room. Among them, I used a reverse effect to express that I hope that time can return to the world without coronavirus.

During the editing process, I adjusted the picture to a contrasting color of yellow and purple to express the contrast between the past and the present.

breath soundsHan Chen
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I use a lot of breath sounds as the background sound of the video. This idea came to mind in flight. For flights from London to Shanghai, my total flight time is 12 hours. To prevent infection, I wore protective clothing, masks and goggles. During these 12 hours, not eating or drinking for a long time will cause my dehydration and fatigue. These symptoms make it difficult for me to breathe and suffocate. I can only do my best to breathe, and until today, I can still recall the breathing sounds of that time. Breathing sound was hard and urgent.

Regarding the difficulties during production: During the editing process, due to the rusty use of the software, I will not use many functions of the software. I chose to watch instructional videos for in-depth study. Although the whole process cost me a lot of time, I learned a lot of editing skills.