Unit 2

Artist Statement

In this unit, I will continue to discuss the stress associated with a series of problems caused by a coronavirus. Coronavirus COVID-19 has recently taken the world by storm. Due to the low lethality of the virus, governments around the world have ignored it. The terrible thing is that the incubation period of the virus is 14 days. Infected people who have no symptoms are also infectious, and the ability to infect is very strong, so the number of patients has surged, resulting in insufficient medical supplies. Due to insufficient medical staff and beds, it is impossible to treat patients, so the mortality rate has been rising.


The status of coronavirus has caused some social panic and caused huge social stress. Because it is a respiratory disease, Chinese medical experts and researchers have shown that wearing a mask is one of the effective measures to prevent this virus. The Chinese government requires people across the country to wear masks. China's prevention and treatment results show that masks are very effective protective measures, and China has basically won the war against coronavirus. In order to prevent this virus, some overseas students and overseas Chinese also began to wear masks in different countries. However, due to different regional cultures, and some countries ignore the incubation period of the virus, most European and American countries believe that only sick people should wear masks, which has caused many social stress problems. First, from the government's perspective, this is because some countries have insufficient reserves of masks, so the government discourages people from wearing masks in order to alleviate the social panic caused by the stress of public opinion. Secondly, from the perspective of cultural differences, the practice of wearing masks is difficult to implement before the European and American governments issue relevant guidelines. People wearing masks will increase the stress on local residents and cause panic. Third, because the origin of the coronavirus is China, some racists abused and even beaten the yellow race in public, which caused stress and psychological trauma to the yellow race living abroad.


My work will combine the above three points of view to explore a series of stress problems caused by the COVID-19 coronavirus. I would like that my work can remind people to prevent viruses in the right way and to face the stress caused by a coronavirus in the right way.

Critical Practice Submission

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