The News and Public Opinion: Media Effects on Civic Life first introduces the meaning of public opinion and explains in detail the impact of news and other mainstream media on public opinions, such as ways of thinking, thought-oriented, behaviour and emotion.


News and other mainstream media reports have different attitudes and opinions under different political systems, which also directly affects the attitudes and opinions of the audience. For example, if the same event is reported in the opposite direction by two news organizations, the views of the listeners of the two news organizations will also be different.

The news and public opinion: media effects on civic life 

Max McCombs, Lance Holbert, Spiro Kiousis, Wayne Want

This reminds me of this coronavirus epidemic. For example, according to research by Chinese scientists, wearing a mask is a very effective method to prevent coronaviruses. Chinese media have reported a large number of ways to encourage people to wear masks. On the contrary, most European and American countries discourage people from wearing masks. First of all, this is because of the difference in the local culture. European and American countries believe that masks are for patients. Those who are not sick do not need to wear masks but ignore that during the incubation period, the patients are asymptomatic and infectious. Secondly, because the storage capacity of masks is insufficient, if people are encouraged to wear masks, it will affect the work of medical staff, and even when social masks are insufficient, it will cause social unrest. Therefore, most European and American news reports discourage people from wearing masks.


In this case, some Chinese or yellow people living in European and American countries began to wear masks when they went out, but due to the influence of media reports, this caused local residents to have mental stress. They thought that the people wearing the masks were patients. These Patients are contagious, so some discriminatory behaviours often occur here. Some people even started to discriminate against the yellow race. Through these circumstances, I want to create a series of works to reflect the stress caused by different media reports on masks, telling people that we live in the same world and breathe the same air. Viruses are our common enemy, and we should eliminate the barriers and fight the virus together.

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors.jpg

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

Ai Weiwei

This is an installation art by artist Ai Weiwei. This work is about political differences and anti-immigrant nationalism. The artwork looks like the outline of a tunnel channel, which runs through a metal structure composed of fences. The outline of the passage symbolizes the area without borders and fences. The artist used the fence to imply the policies of some countries restricting refugees and other races, criticizing the government's attempts to divide people of different races, skin colours, religions and nationalities. This is in contrast to the freedom, democracy and humanity that the government promotes.

I think the expression of this work can be used to reflect the racial discrimination and hostility of people wearing masks during the coronavirus outbreak.

The tunnel will serve as an important element in my work to connect different people living in the world.  In my work Stress Caused By Virus 1, I want to express my opposition to discrimination against people wearing masks, Chinese or yellow people during the epidemic, emphasizing that people of any skin colour, people wearing masks and those not wearing masks People all live together on this earth. In the face of the virus, we should unite and face it positively, not discriminate.


This book details the pathogenesis, clinical features, genetic basis, diagnosis and management of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF). Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis is one of the complications of severe new coronavirus. The imaging theory of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis is described in detail on pages 68-83 of this book.

Pulmonary fibrosis is the end-stage change of a large class of lung diseases characterized by fibroblast proliferation and a large number of extracellular matrix accumulation accompanied by inflammatory damage and tissue structure destruction, that is normal alveolar tissue is damaged and abnormally repaired to cause structure abnormal.

Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis : A Comprehensive Clinical Guide

Keith C. Meyer , Steven D. Nathan

The picture on the right is a lung image of a patient with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. The picture details the changes in the lung image of the patient after the disease. Although the patient had symptoms of dyspnea in the early stage, the X-ray chest radiograph may be basically normal; in the middle and late stages, there were diffuse reticulum or nodular shadows in the lower and middle lungs, and occasionally pleural effusion, thickening or calcification.


Disseminated reticulate or nodular shadows are an important indicator for identifying pulmonary fibrosis. Simply put, the inside of the lungs becomes a spider web structure. This has greatly influenced my research work. I want to use some materials objectively to show the diffuse network characteristics of pulmonary fibrosis. These characteristics are not only due to the excessive repair of the coronavirus lungs, but also the characteristics of people overreacting due to stress in the context of the entire epidemic.


Dream Passage With Four Corridors

Bruce Nauman


Also using tunnels and passages as the concept of the work, Bruce Nauman's Dream Passage With Four Corridors is about claustrophobia. The work is composed of a narrow cross-shaped channel, two of which are red, and the other two are yellow. Two tables are placed on the ground and ceiling at the intersection of the cross-shaped channels. A chair was placed on the floor and the table on the ceiling.

Viewing this device from the outside, because of the warm sunlight inside, it attracts the audience's desire to enter. When the audience enters this passage, the audience can feel the spiritual fear brought by the claustrophobia, the narrow passage, and the tables and chairs used in the police violent interrogation make the audience feel uneasy. Attraction and repulsion, freedom and captivity are two strong contrasts that reflect the inner activities of claustrophobic patients.

This made me want to use the form of channels or tunnels to make a work that expresses the mental stress caused by the coronavirus. This form of presentation can be communicated with the audience. The audience can interact through the work, talk to the other end of the tunnel, experience the pressure caused by the virus, and feel the fear of the mask element of different cultural groups during the epidemic.


Solar Catastrophe

Allora & Calzadilla

The themes of the works of the two artists often reflect ecological and environmental issues such as nature. This artwork was created by two artists using broken solar panels. The artists used broken solar panels to create seemingly harmonious shapes. This also exposes today's global climate problems. This metaphor implies that the seemingly normal Earth's atmospheric environment is actually fragmented. At the same time, the broken solar panels also suggest that humans on the earth have changed the energy too late. 

Metaphor can lead to re-cognition and meaning of things. This cognition is to rearrange and combine old things. It is the subjective creation of new meanings and possibilities for old things in ideology.

I recalled the perception of masks by different ethnic cultures in the epidemic. Coronavirus has come to the world as a highly contagious disease of the respiratory system. Many people wear masks as an effective preventive measure. Asian countries, such as China, oblige people to wear masks when they go out. However, European and American countries believe that masks are worn by patients who are already ill. Now that Europe has become a severely affected area, fragmented homes are like broken solar panels, and it will be too late if you do not change your original understanding of masks.


This video work records two young boys pushing film reels in the urban area of Afghanistan. A little boy releases the film from the reel, and another little boy uses the reel to recover the film. This mutual action is like an endless cycle. The author uses two little boys as the protagonist, firstly because of the author ’s attention to children, and secondly because of the cyclical action of pushing the reel with the child to imply that generations of new life live in a country full of endless wars such as Afghanistan. This process is interdependent and to some extent contradictory. The use of the little boy brought vitality to Afghanistan, and the action of pushing the reel heralds the endless war in this country. This reflects the integration and conflict between nature and politics.

This reminds me of this coronavirus epidemic. Generations of humans have multiplied on this planet. The coronavirus crisis has been experienced for the third time. The first is Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome. Although the virus-host has not been determined yet, it is most likely a bat. Chinese scientists believe that SARS is eaten by humans and attacked by bat Caused by the civet cat. The second is Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, which is caused by human consumption of dromedaries. This time it was Covid-19. Although there is no conclusion about the source of the virus, the possibility of eating wild animals is very high. It's like the child's cyclical movement of pushing the reel in the movie. Every time this respiratory disease is caused by eating wild animals, people start wearing masks to fight the virus, but every time the epidemic ends, people seem to forget the past scars, just like machines on the factory assembly line, still eating Wild animals then produced the next virus outbreak again. I want to try to express the forward sequence and reverse sequence to express that I want to stop the development process of a cyclical, bad thing. I hope everything will return to what it was when there was no virus.


The film tells of the spring of 1917, during World War I, the British army, after a long stalemate with the Germans, looking for opportunities to eliminate their opponents, planned to attack the Hindenburg defence line, only to realize that this was a German trap. Two young British soldiers were instructed to go to the front to convey orders, race against time, and venture into the enemy zone to stop attacking the Germans and save the life of 1,600 British soldiers.

This film has spent a lot of time on the shooting methods and post-editing, especially the director used a one-time shooting method. Therefore, this movie has won multiple movie awards. But it wasn't these that affected me, it was the director's use of dubbing. In the middle part of the movie, due to the death of his teammates, the actor alone set foot on the journey to find a large force.  During this

period, the director changed the previous role dialogue and background music, but as the tension of the storyline increased the breadth of the actor, the addition of this breath first reflected the psychological activity of the actor, which This kind of psychological activity is not only lonely but also tense. At the same time, this strong breathing sound drives the rhythm of the whole movie.

This is the same as what happened on my flight back to China from the UK.  When I put on my protective clothing, I seemed to be cut off from the world. I wore an N95 mask and I had not eaten and drink water for nearly 20 hours. At that time I could only hear my own breathing, which was desperate, tense, and terrifying. In my video work, I will use a lot of breath sounds to express my inner activities. The kind of breath sounds is the desire to take off the breath of the mask, and the hope of ending the epidemic as soon as possible.