Pathosis 1
Pathosis 1
Pathosis 1
Pulmonary Fibrosis
39cm × 110cm
Chinese Ink Relief Print

I use a combination of loofah sponge and Chinese ink to create artwork. Loofah is the only plant that can maintain its body structure after drying up. This is not only very similar to the complication of pulmonary fibrosis caused by COVID-19 but also implies a social phenomenon that gradually deteriorated during the epidemic. On the one hand, like an X-ray of the lungs, I used a combination of loofah and Chinese ink to darken the evolution of pulmonary fibrosis. On the other hand, this work alludes to today's society, because some social problems caused by the coronavirus have gradually turned this society into a sick society and the development of all walks of life has gradually become declining. This is also my concern.

Pathosis 2.1
Pathosis 2.2
Brain tumour
50 cm × 30 cm × 2
Chinese Ink Relief Print

This work and Pulmonary Fibrosis are a series. I use a loofah sponge and Chinese ink to create this artwork in combination with the repeated art form of pop art. Loofah is the only plant that can maintain its body structure after drying. The difference is that this work reflects CT images of the brain, which is the most important imaging diagnostic method for head trauma. On the one hand, this artwork is like a CT image of the lungs. I use a combination of a cross-section of a loofah and Chinese ink to depict the extent of tumour spread in the human brain. On the other hand, this work of art implies that the human brain is showing a pathological development in a pathological society. Factors such as coronavirus and racial discrimination are the main factors that promote the formation of a pathological society. On the other hand, this work reflects the patient's and their families' attitudes toward disease numbness, and even more reflects the government's numbness to the reform of the medical insurance system. This is also a phenomenon in a sick society.

Under Treatment
Under Treatment
180 cm × 175 cm × 170 cm
Installation Art

This installation is composed of medical supplies, acrylic paint and loofah. Medical supplies include an infusion stand, infusion set, sodium chloride injection. Because of the emergence of social problems such as the global pandemic of the coronavirus and anti-racial discrimination activities, some poorly qualified people take this opportunity to retaliate against the world. The current society is gradually reduced to a sick society. In a sick society, social conflicts are increasingly intensified. The more serious the social problem is, the loopholes are full of social problems. This is like a dried loofah. I want to use sodium chloride injection with green acrylic paint to infuse the loofah. After the rescue operation, it will form a green crystal on its surface, just like wearing it. Put on a new coat. I use the installation work to save the loofah to imply that I hope this sick society will be saved.

Contradiction 1
37 cm × 20 cm

This photo is about a social phenomenon in a sick society. In the picture, an old lady in plain clothes is walking down the street carrying a balloon she sold. In daily life, cartoon balloons often bring happiness to children. What is interesting is that this happy seller actually lives very hard every day. Happiness and hardship formed a sharp contrast in this balloon seller. So I used the contrast between black and white and colour to express this work.

Contradiction 2
40 cm × 30 cm 

This photo is about the current social situation in a sick society. In the picture, the high-purity blue sky is used as the background, and the weather is very sunny. The main body of the photo is a golden wall that symbolizes gold, money and economy, which is in sharp contrast with the social economy that symbolizes the collapse of today's sick society. In today's society, due to factors such as the coronavirus and racial discrimination, many real economies are facing unprecedented difficulties. Some seemingly powerful individuals, companies and even countries’ economic conditions are declining in a declining manner. This is a bubble economy. Therefore, the contrast between black and white and colour is used to express this work.

Won't you feel pain?
32cm × 30 cm ×10cm
Installation Art

This installation is composed of pork, water and medical syringes. This is a phenomenon that affects food safety in China, and it is also a phenomenon in a sick society. In order to make the pigs heavier, some pig farmers forced a hose into the pig’s mouth to fill it with water. This is a deceptive behaviour for buyers. For pigs, pigs are very painful, which is a kind of torture. I inserted the syringe filled with water directly into the pork and arranged them according to the progress of the injection from left to right. This directly shows the process of injecting water and tormenting the pig, and also reflects a pathological behaviour of food safety and social phenomena.


Process Of Thinking Space 

In the environment of a morbid society, people are experiencing morbid conditions both physically and mentally. Disease is a pathological form of the body, such as lung fibrosis and brain cancer. Mental illness is a manifestation of mental illness. Social events are also flashpoints that reflect the development of pathological society. I try to record the situation around me, learn pathology and combine medical supplies to express a sick society.


The Process of Pulmonary Fibrosis and Brain tumour


Loofah is used to clean kitchen utensils in China and it is used to clean the body in European countries. Because of the cleansing effect of loofah, it reminds me of a clean society.


And because the surface texture of the loofah is similar to the chest X-ray of a patient with pulmonary fibrosis, and its cross-section is similar to the CT image of the head of a tumour patient, I decided to use the loofah as the project material. At the same time, this also inspired me to use materials in Under Treatment.


Then I created these two works of Chinese Ink Relief Print using a loofah and Chinese ink.


During the production process, I encountered some difficulties, mainly due to the viscosity of the ink. If the amount of ink is too much, the printed texture is not clear. So I diluted the ink on the loofah with paper towels to solve this problem.


The Process of Under Treatment


Occasionally, I saw a dead tree on a construction site receiving an infusion treatment, and because my girlfriend worked in the hospital, I was often in the hospital environment, so I decided to combine medical equipment to develop my own works.


I used Procreate software to draw a sketch of the work and purchased the materials needed for the project from Alibaba.


I started to assemble the materials. After the assembly was completed and tested, a problem appeared. After the loofah was injected with sodium chloride overnight, the surface of the loofah did not crystallize after drying due to the insufficient purity of the sodium chloride injection, and I hope that the loofah will turn green after the liquid injection, which is more in line The theme of salvation.


I added edible salt to solve the problem of crystallization of sodium chloride after drying. Then added green acrylic paint to solve the colour problem on the surface of the loofah. Finally, the mixed green sodium chloride liquid is injected into the infusion bag.


In the final installation stage, the loofah was difficult to fix. I solved this problem with green tape. In the end, both the fixation problem and the crystallization problem were solved well.

The Process of Contradiction


In the preliminary investigation process, I took many photos around me, and then selected two photos for the next editing work after consideration.


I use snapseed software to edit the photos on the Ipad until the work is complete. In the photo shooting stage, since the photos containing people were captured instantaneously, I took a lot of the same photos before selecting them. Since Contradiction 1 is a photo taken at night, the photo is generally dark. I used the software to improve the contrast and brightness of the photo to solve this problem.


Won't you feel pain?


At the beginning of the artwork, I drew the project sketch with the medical syringe.


The components of the project are fresh pork, water and medical syringes. The first step is to fill the syringe with water.


The second and final step is to insert the syringe into the pork. The problem with this project is that if I insert four syringes with the same amount of water into the meat according to the original sketch, the work will appear to be static. In order to solve this problem, I filled the syringe with different volumes of water in order from most to least. Although this is a static installation work, it embodies the process of pouring water into the pig in the theme, as well as the dynamics of the work.